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About Turkey

Why Turkey?
- Offers globally recognized medicine and healthcare services
- Has long established experience in the field of offering healthcare services
- Has healthcare services regularly monitored by both government and private institutions
- Adopts the principle of offering services without sacrificing quality
- Offers much reasonable costs in comparison to the American and European standards
- No waiting for surgeries and other medical treatments
- Takes patient safety seriously
- Geographical location: located both on the Europe and Asia
- Easy land, maritime and air transportation means
- A touristic trip opportunity offering cultural richness as well as healthcare service
- Turkish hospitality and hosting


Status of Turkey in Health Tourism and Why it is preferred:

All around the world, healthcare expenses have a significant share in economy, especially in Western countries. High healthcare service costs forced people to travel across countries in order to receive medical treatment services of quality for reasonable prices and health tourism has recently become a fast-growing sector all around the world. Turkey stands out in the international arena with its location, high-class and professional service approach, state-of-the-art technology equipments used and modern means offered for reasonable prices.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is the greatest metropolis and the trade, finance center of Turkey. Majority of hospitals operating in our country are located in Istanbul. Besides offering treatment opportunities of good quality, Istanbul has a unique and amazing atmosphere. Thanks to its location, the City, ranking 4th on the Best Cities of Europe list, offers facilities to our guests coming all around the world to benefit from healthcare services. Besides scheduled flights from and to all central locations in and out of the country, there are numerous sea and land transportation means. As the meeting point of history, culture, nature and technology, the city will enchant you with its magical atmosphere.


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