Esthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Professional doctors of our esthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery departments successfully perform all kinds of surgical operations at our state-of-art operation rooms by using advanced methods of Plastic surgery.

  • Plastic surgery
  • Non-surgical facial applications
  • Botox
  • Filling
  • Facial surgeries
  • Eye lid and contour surgeries
  • Prominent ear surgery
  • Face lifting
  • Face and neck surgeries
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Body surgeries
  • Abdominoplatsy
  • Liposuction
  • Lipo-Filling
  • Breast surgeries ( breast enlargement - reduction)
  • Body lifting ( leg-lifting)


  • Facial soft tissue injuries and repairing broken face bones
  • Excision and repair of tumor on entire body
  • Burn and burn-related deformity treatments
  • Natal anomaly ( face - lip - palate cleft etc.) treatment
  • Nose deformities
  • Chin anomalies
  • Polydactyly


Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedures at our clinics. Also known as a nose job; rhinoplasty is designed to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose, or to correct a breathing problem.

Nose reshaping may also be performed as a reconstructive procedure to repair a birth defect or a traumatic injury, such as a broken nose.
It can also be carried out for functional purposes rather than cosmetic. Combining nose with a septoplasty can effectively correct breathing issues caused by deviated septum.


Breast implant surgery is a common breast contouring procedure designed to enlarge the size of small or asymmetrical breasts.

Breast augmentation is a viable plastic surgery procedure for women who wish to restore volume in breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding.
Common types of implants used in breast augmentation include saline and silicone.


Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Turkey. Liposuction aims to reshape specific regions of the body — improving body contours and proportions by removing stubborn, unwanted body fat.

Treatable areas of the body can include the thighs, arms, hips, waist, back, chest and chin.

Is there any age limit for aesthetic nasal (Rhinoplpasty) surgery?

Is there any age limit for aesthetic nasal (Rhinoplpasty) surgery?

Patients who want to change the apperance of their nose must wait until  they reach the age of 16-18.  The reason for this is because the nose is 90 % fully developed around this age. 

Can women have hair transplants?

Can women have hair transplants?

Women who have problems with hairloss need to consult with a Professional and have a hair analysis before deciding on having a hair transplant.  Other alternatives must be acknowledged first. 

When can you return to normal daily activities after Abdominoplasty?

When can you return to normal daily activities after Abdominoplasty?

Patients can return to their daily activities 2-3 weeks after undergoing abdominoplasty.  They can be active in sports and other exercises after 2 months.

What regions of the body is Liposuction best suited for?

What regions of the body is Liposuction best suited for?

- Thighs

- Buttocks

- Abdomen and waist

- Upper arms

- Back

- Inner Thighs

- Chest Region

- Cheeks, Chin and Neck

- Calf and Ankles









What problems on our body can not be fixed with Liposuction?

What problems on our body can not be fixed with Liposuction?

Liposuction isn’t the best way to treat obesity.  A proper diet along with exercises are the best way to obtain the best results.  Liposuction is also not recommended fort he reduction of cellulite or saggy skin. A successful Liposuction procedure begins with trust and consultation.  Patients must be very open about what it is they want. They must also be open to what the doctor recommends, for this will let the patient know what mayo r may not work for them.

What are some facial surgery procedures?

What are some facial surgery procedures?

- Forehead lift

- Eyebrow lift

- Mid-facelift

- Neck Lift

- Liposuction

- Blepharoplasty

- Rhinoplasty

- The removal of skin lesions ( Dermabrasion )


At what age can Eyelid Surgery be done?

At what age can Eyelid Surgery be done?

Upper and Lower eyelid surgery can be performed on patients who are between the ages of 35-70.  Patients who want to have eyelid surgery due to genetic factors can do so as young as 20 years of age.  Children who are born with problems with their eyelids, must reach the age of 6 before undergoing any reconstructibe procedures.

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