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Orthopedics and Traumatology

ortopedi_0.jpg Our hospital diagnoses and treats muscle and skeleton system traumas and all orthopedic diseases with the state of art technology.
- Emergency Orthopedic Interventions
- All kinds of muscle-skeleton system traumas  (Fractures, dislocation, muscle - tendon injuries)
- Arthroscopic Surgery (Knee)
- Arthroplastic interventions (Hip, Knee, Shoulder Prosthesis Surgeries)
- Hand Diseases and Hand Surgeries
- Spine Surgery
- Orthopedic Deformities (Correcting Curvature on Skeleton System)
- Height Increase and Bone Lengthening Surgeries
- Hip joint disorders (congenital hip dislocation, necrosis)
- Knee Surgery
- Ankle and Foot Diseases (Hallux Valgus

- Ankle and Foot Diseases (Hallux Valgus)



How is a tear in the Hip Joint (Degeneration) diagnosed?

How is a tear in the Hip Joint (Degeneration) diagnosed?

Tear in the hip joint (degeneration) begins with examination by your physician. X-rays will reveal the measure of which the degeneration has progressed.  In order to determine the reasons an MRI may also be necessary.  Tests are done to rule out rheumatism or infections. 

How is scoliosis noticed?

How is scoliosis noticed?

There is usually no symptoms in the early stages of scoliosis.  Therefore, the diagnosis is usually made by chance.  The first symptoms are usually visual.  Poor Posture and one shoulder being higher then the other are usually signs of scoliosis.  A visual diagnosis of scoliosis is the bending forward examination.  This procedure requires patient to bend forward without bending at the knees and taouching the ground with hands.  If ribs pertrude while patient is bent this is usually a sign of the disease.

Which joints can arthroscopy be applied to?

Which joints can arthroscopy be applied to?

Arthroscopy can be done on hips, elbows and wrists.

What is Meniscus?

What is Meniscus?

There are two menisci in each knee.  These two kinds of meniscal cartilage are flexible and durable structures in the form of the letter C.  Moving around, walking and running are all exersices that will lower the changes of knee problems.  Those who have accidents involving sports at a n earlier age may have torn meniscus.  In patients who are older the menisci begin to wear away and lose their elasticity.  Meniscus causes discomfort , swelling and pain during movement.  Arthroscopic treatment should be considered.

What disorders call for an Arthoscopy?

What disorders call for an Arthoscopy?

- Torn Meniscus

- Early stages of osteoarthritis

- Removal of bone or cartilage

- Anterior or posterior ligament injury

- Infection or swelling

- In the treatment of articular cartilage damage

- Treatment of Joint fractures

What are the advantages of arthroscopy?

What are the advantages of arthroscopy?

- Aeasthetic  and no large incisions

- Length of stay is short. It is a great advantage especially for athletes.

- Low chance of infection due to the small incisions

What are the symptoms of scoliosis?

What are the symptoms of scoliosis?

- Spine curved to the side

- Shoulders and hips asymmetric

- Back and lower back pain

- Shortness of breath

When is it safe to walk after hip replacement surgery?

When is it safe to walk after hip replacement surgery?

24 hours after surgery the blood collector tubes will be removed.  Following this procedure the with the help of the assistants patient can be seated at the tip of the hospital bed.  Dizziness, nausea and vomiting may occur, this is normal.  Patients can use walkers at their own pace because the hip area will still be swollen and painful at this stage of recovery.  Each day the patient should feel more ease and comfort while walking.  Patient should use caution and not sit on low areas or surfaces for the first 6 weeks of surgery. 

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