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The department of Dermatology advises skin, mucosa and cutaneous adnexal (hair, cilium, nail) diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Department of Dermatology of Kozyatağı Central Hospital Examines and treats skin diseases with experienced Professionals, by using modern methods. Mesotherapy Our hospital offers mesotherapy for cellulite, localized weight loss, skin and face rejuvenation and hair loss.

ND: Yag Laser Our dermo-cosmetics unit is at your service with ND: YAG Laser method used for skin rejuvenation and capillary vessel treatment.

Diagnostic Dermatology

Final diagnosis of dermatologic diseases, biopsy (skin sample) is performed for further pathologic examinations.

Treatment-Purpose Dermatology

Besides creams, dressings and systematic treatment (pills, injections); electro-surgery and cryotheraphy procedures are also used for treatment of skin diseases.

Esthetic Dermatology

Esthetic dermatology procedures are applied within a professional view by always keeping up with technological developments and scientific improvements.

  • Botox
  • Mesotherapy
  • ND YAG laser procedures
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vascular birthmarks
  • Intensive skin redness
  • Varicose and capillary vessels
  • Acne treatment

Laser Hair Removal Dermo-cosmetic unit offers services with two Candela Alexandrite devices equipped with state of art technology. Today, Laser hair removal applied with Candela Alexandrite Technology is the most advanced hair removal technology.


What is Botox?

The amount of Botox used for cosmetic applications is minimal and does not result in any serious side effects. The process is easy and reliable. Using small injector small amounts of botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles temporarily weakening the muscles of the region.  This effect lasts an average of 4-6 months. The duration of the results will be prolonged as application is repeated.  Botox can be done 2 to 3 times per year. 
What areas can botox be applied to?

• Wrinkles around the eyes,
• Wrinkles on Forehead and in between the eyebrows,
• Wrinkles surrounding lips,
• Wrinkles around the neck ,
• Nasolabial areas,
• Lines beginning on the sides of mouth moving down towars the chin ,
• Sagging cheeks ,
• Raising of the eyebrows,
•  Treatment of excessive sweating in underarms, palms and soles of feet.

Most Applied Regions

• In between eyebrows,
• Forehead,
• Underarms,
• Areas around the eyes also known as “crow’s feet”.

Application time

Between 20- 30 minutes
Non applicable for;

• In people with neuromuscular disorders or bleeding problems,
• People with skin disease around application area.
• Pregnant women and nursing moms.

Things to be aware of;

• Do not use aspirin and aspirin containing medications.
• Do not take alcohol one week prior to application.
What you need to know after Botox application.

• 1 to 2 hours after treatment it is important to remain in an upright position. 
• Refrain from any strenuous exercises or activities for 24 hours. 

  Will preventing the body from sweating have negative effects?

Sweating serves the purpose of regulating the body’s temperature.  The entire surface of the body sweats for this reason. The sweat glands around the groin and underarms can produce unpleasant scents.  Botox application to these areas takes care of this problem.  Some people think that it is unhealthy because these areas will no longer produce sweat.  This isn’t true because the entire body is able to produce sweat and these areas are small thus not affecting the temperature.  


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