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Check Up

It is a lot easier to maintain your health, than it is to regain it!

You will have the privilege to visit one of the most exquisite cities in the world with its natural beauties and sites and its centuries of old history that were established by many different cultures and civilizations.

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As a benefit offered to Central Hospital patients for their flights to Turkey, we offer 20% discount for first and business class, 15% discount for comfort class, and 10% discount for economy class.

Accommodation & transfer to 5 star luxury hotels

We provide the opportunity to stay at luxury city hotels on both the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul.

Istanbul Tours

It is a lot easier to maintain your Health, than it is to regain IT

Including advice on how to build and maintain good health

You may prevent possible future health problems with our detailed check-ups (medical screenings) specialized for different male and female age groups.

Basic Check-Up Programs:

  • Female Check-Up
  • Male Check-Up
  • Athlete Check-Up
  • Cardiac Check-Up
  • Child Check-Up

Our body works 24/7 in order to remain healthy.  Get your Check-Up to increase your quality of life.
Our lifestyles are all different. At central we have check up programs tailored based on your gender, age, personal characteristics, habits and expectations. 
Our check-up counsellors will deal with you one on one and guide you each step of the way.
Once your check-up is complete, your records are stored and your doctor keep you updated on any information pertaining to your health condition. 
MALE Check-up
What you need to do before you check up;
- You must not eat for 12 hours prior
- Must not consume alcohol 24 hours prior and eat a light meal the day before
- For the ultrasound screening to be accurate your bladder must be full, patient must drink at least 1 lt. of water
- Make sure to dress comfortably and wear sport shoes for the EKG test
- Make sure to bring previous test results and reports pertaining to your health
Cancer screening for men;
Exams   Liver Function Tests
Internal Medicine   SGOT (AST)
Urology   SGPT (ALT)
Dentist   Gama GT
ENT   Bloodwork
Internal Medicine Consultation post results    Cholesterol
    HDL Cholesterol
Results   Total Lipid- Total Lipid
EKG    LDL Cholesterol
Chest X-Ray   Triglycerides
Panaromic X-Ray   
Sinus X-Ray  
Kidney Function Tests
Thyroid Ultrasound   Ure, Creatinine
Complete Abdomen Ultrasound   Urinalysis
Bloodwork   Tumor Markers
Hemogram (18 parametre tam kan sayımı)   CEA - CEA
Anti HCV   CA 19-9
Anti HIV Testi (AIDS)    
Blood Sugar   
Postprandial blood glucose   
Calcium Levels   
Uric Acid   
Total PSA   
Blood Urea   

Heart Disease Check-Up Program

EKG (Elektrokardiyografi)- EKG

Blood work

Men Under 40 years of age

Doktor Muayeneleri- Examinations   Liver Functions
Internal Medicine   SGOT (AST)
Dental    SGPT (ALT)
Results   Bloodwork
EKG    HDL Cholesterol
Chest X-Ray    LDL Cholesterol
Panaromic X-Ray    Triglcycerides
Sinus X-ray   
Thyroid US    Kidney Functions
Complete Abdomen US    Ure Creatitine
Hemogram (18 parametre tam kan sayımı)   
Anti HCV   
Anti HIV Testi (AIDS)    
Blood Sugar   
Blood Urea

Men over 40 years of age
Designed specifically for men over 40 years of age with no known illness or history. 

Liver Functions
Check-up Dahiliye Muayenesi – Internal Medicine   SGOT (AST)
Urology   SGPT (ALT)
Dental   Gama GT
ENT   Blood work
Results   Cholesterol
     HDL Cholesterol
Graphics   LDL Cholesterol
EKG   Triglyceride
Lung X-Ray   Total Lipids
Panaromic X-Ray   
Sinus X-ray    Kidney Func
Thyroid US   Ure, Creatitine
Complete Abdomen US   Urinalysis
Other Bloodwork    
Hemogram (18 parameters)   
Anti HCV   
Calcium Levels   
Gizli Kan    
Uric Acid    
Total PSA 

Check- Up Dictionary
Lung X-ray: used to assess the heart and respiratory system.
Albumin: used to assess the diagnois of the Liver and Gall Bladder
ECG: heart rhythm (pulse) is the method used for the detection of irregularities.
Free PSA: Used to detect prostate cancer.  Studies have shown that the % ratio can be used to distinguish between benign and malignant diseases of the prostate.
Globulin: Shows the body resistance.

GGT liver,  tests used in the diagnosis of disease in the biliary tracts.

Glucose: Diabetes (diabetes) screening, diagnosis and follow-up help.

HDL: Determining risks for cardiovascular diseases, evaluating cholesterol metabolism, used for purposes such as diet regulation and monitoring.

Hbs Ag : Used to diagnose Hepatitis B
Kan Sayımı  ( Hemogram ) : Kansızlık başta olmak üzere çeşitli kan hastalıkları ve pek çok diğer hastalığın tanısında kullanılır.
Blood Count (CBC) Hemogram  is used for the diagnosis of anemia and other blood diseases and many other disorders
Cholesterol: determining risk for cardiovascular disease, assessment of cholesterol metabolism and regulation of
Creatinine ratio is used in the early diagnosis of kidney disease.
LDL: Determining risk for cardiovascular diseases and evaluating cholesterol metabolism.
Meme USG : Memede şüpheli kitle bulunduğunda , kitlenin yeri ve niteliklerini belirlemede kullanılır.

Breast Ultrasound: Used to determine location of mass in breast and whether or not it is suspicious
Mammography: It plays an active role in the early identification of breast cancer.
Protein: Liver disease, used in the diagnosis of diseases such as edema.
PSA (Total): (Prostate Specific Antigen) is a blood test for prostate cancer.
Smear : Used to diagnose cervical cancer and inflammation 
SGPT: Used to diagnose diseases in the liver and biliary tract.
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)- Assessment of the liver and bile ducts to diagnose heart and muscle disease. 

Urine Analysis: Used to detect kidney and urinary disease.
Total Abdominal ultrasound:  Used to determine diseases and abnormalities found in the abdominal organs (kidney, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and large vessels).
Triglycerides: Determining risk for cardiovascular disease
Urea:  Used in the early diagnosis of kidney disease.
Uric Acid: Used in the diagnosis of gout Diseases
VLDL: Used for determining risks for cardiovascular disease.
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