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Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Implantology (Dental Implant)

Used for the treatment  of lost teeth, fused with the bone tissue after a period of time act as a natural tooth made of suitable materials composed of titanium screws. Usually used for  progressive age-related bone loss, tooth decay in tooth loss. Teeth are applied onto the implants to fulfill chewing functions.

Who is eligible for Dental Implants?

-  Missing single tooth  (following a tooth extraction)
- Individuals who haves lost several teeth
- Conditions that lead to the loss of all teeth
- Individuals with healthy oral tissues
- Individuals with healthy gums
- Individuals who dont have severe jaw bone loss after tooth extractions
- Individuals without an ongoing problem in their immune system.
-  Individuals who don’t clinch their teeth

Why do individuals prefer implants?

- Protects the health of teeth and other tissues (teeth around the extracted tooth in a single missing tooth does not need to be eroded)
- ncrease the conservatism of the prosthesis of individuals using full dentures.
- Acting like a natural root of tooth, makes chewing easy.

Advantages of Implants?

-  Implants  serve a better chewing function over bridges and dentures.
- Implants are  more superior in terms of aesthetics and durability.
- Jawbone resorption is reduced with implants.
- It eliminates the bridge process.
-  Implants provide a more natural feel and apperance on the gums.
- Through implants, patient are able to eat healthier and more balanced meals.

 How are implants done?

The implant process is done while the patient is under local anesthesia, during a single session.  More then one implant can be applied at simultaneously. Implants do not cause pain if done correctly.

When will the teeth be ready to apply to the implant?

After the the bone fusion implant is done, healing time usually take anywhere between 2-3 months for the bottom jaw bone and 3-4 months for the top jaw bone.  This process is called osseointegration.  Once the patient had fulfilled this time period the teeth can then be applied.

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